Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Best and fastest way fo making money online in 2019 Earn your pocket money in India

Hello Readers
In this post, I will talk about making money online and trust me you can start it from today. Hi this is Abhishek Sagar from Technical Sagar Youtube channel and I am working in this money-making scene for the past 13 years and I have personally tried everything from writing articles, freelancing, affiliate marketing, and almost everything.

Let's talk about those things here without wasting any further time.


Gaming nowadays is a brilliant way of making money without investing a large amount. If you have a decent computer and a good internet connection then you are good to go. Start with low-end retro games on youtube with funny or engaging jokes and commentary and within a few months, you will gain a decent amount of audience. Make sure you make or stream quality content which sets you apart from other creators. Add a different twist to your content and experiment.

You can try making virtual characters and mimic voices and then stream your games. (I have done this on my channel and people love it) I started with the call of duty where there was an imaginary character Lallan who is trying to attack me throughout the game so whenever I see any enemy I shout "There you have Lallan's goons :D

You can literally make any kind of the story of yours inside the game and make your streams interesting. Gaming is a full-fledged career these days and you can make a decent amount of money from it. Gaming is good if you are already a gamer and can stream and play for hours otherwise you won't survive here so it's better not to try this if you are a noob gamer or have zero mimicry or comedy skills. You can become a pro gamer (obviously that will take a few months to years) and participate in e-sports and get sponsorships from brands like PUBG.

Free Lancing - A new approach

While writing this paragraph I am remembering my old days when I use to work as a freelancer and my daily job was to find work and not actually complete anything. I was really struggling to get any work online. I tried everything from joining freelancing facebook groups to separate websites to get freelancing works but those places were filled with unemployed people like me with better knowledge and skills than me plus they were investing to make their ads attracting and premium on freelancing websites. So that was my story when I know nothing about freelancing and how I am gonna get some work. 

Try to make your own separate website and provide free services to people who will publish your name there and try to give your best. Like there are always some people who want to get their work done but without giving you a single penny, but they are okay with putting your name on your work be it website, logo or any business card. 

Show your work on a public platform like youtube and learn about SEO and keywords, in general, try to taop popular keywords on youtube and rank your videos well. Youtube is a perfect platform if you really wanna get some serious work and no doubt YouTube is the second biggest search engine on the planet after Google. Make videos of your niche, If you are a graphics designer then showcase your work on youtube and contact YouTubers and offer them free services in return of your name in the description section of their videos. After doing this you will get a decent amount of audience and maybe you will start making money from your youtube channel as well. 



YouTube is a very good platform if you wanna make some serious money and influence. I admit now it's slightly difficult to make instant money on YouTube (It was a lot easier in old days to make money when there were no criteria of monetization) But still you can start your YouTube channel and showcase your talent if you have any and in my opinion everybody in this world is born with a talent that can be used to make youtube videos. You can start with vlogs, skits, voice and gameplays, reaction videos and so on. The possibilities are endless with YouTube.


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