Monday, 4 March 2019

You will land in jail if you do these things on Whatsapp Things you should never do on any messaging apps

Hey folks
Whatsapp is everything nowadays, people use this app more than any other app in the market hence people are also unaware of the fact that being on such popular and useful platform can be dangerous if you don't follow the guidelines and basic online ethics. In this post, I will be talking about a few things that you should never do on Whatsapp if you don't want to land in jail or in legal trouble.

1. Be a smart group admin
If anything goes wrong in your group then you are responsible for it as you have the powers to add or remove people also moderate what's going inside the group. If you can't take care of this then I would recommend you do not create a group.

2. If you are promoting any illegal services or products through WhatsApp then you might get yourself in trouble in no time. eg. carded products, prostitution, body trade or drugs.

3. Harassing women is something which is considered as the worst crime anyone can commit online so stay away from it. If you had a breakup with your girlfriend and she doesn't wanna talk to you then leave her alone and do not harass or disturb her. This is the most mature response you can give and this gesture will make you a true gentleman and she might get back to you in upcoming months so chill broda !!

4. Sending hate messages that involve religious elements. Do not comment on religion or try to insult and community. Respect every religion and try to be polite. Your messages can hurt people so avoid commenting on these matters.

5. Spreading fake news or rumors is also a crime and police can arrest you for this. Our country is going through a very tough time when it comes to fake news and things like that so police will not spare you if you ever caught doing this online. These messages can affect masses very quickly and lead to heavy chaos and mob lynchings so make sure you know the truth behind any news and never share anything that may lead to violence. You can watch news channels and trusted news sources to make sure you have the correct news. Most probably if the message is saying to share that message with your friends then there are huge chances that the news is fake.


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