Wednesday, 27 February 2019

How to get your Ex-girlfriend Back Breakup Solution

Hello readers

In this post, I am going to tell you some sure-fire ways of getting your ex-girlfriend back. A breakup is a horrible moment and it hurts, even more, when your girlfriend or boyfriend dumped you for whatever reason.

Love is a game of power these days and if you have invested more (emotional investment) then you will lose and you have to beg for love all the time.

What you are doing wrong?

Well if you are begging for love and asking your girlfriend to talk to you and be with you then you are digging your own grave, my friend. By doing this you are sending wrong signals that you are the needy one and you need her to be happy. On the other hand, she is feeling relieved because she did the breakup. You are feeling the loss.

What you should do?

Just stop contacting here and disappear from her life. This is the best and tested method of getting your ex back if you don't believe me then search for "No contact rule" you will find tons of videos and posts where professional relationship coaches teaching the same thing. Delete her number, block her from social media. By doing these you are not only showing the mature response but also allowing her to miss you and think about you. If you keep contacting her then she will never feel the breakup and you will become a creep. So just go away from her life and after a month or maybe 2 months (It totally depends on person to person and what kind of relationship you guys had).

She knows that the situation is in her control and she can get you anytime since she has done the breakup. You have to take this power in your hand.

After a few weeks her relief period will get over now she will start wondering why you are not contacting her? are you dating some other woman now? does she become fat or not attractive enough?

Now the table is turning up in your favor.

If she calls you then do not pick up the call at once. Let her call you multiple times and then talk casually without involving anything related to your breakup.

You have to become a man that is worth chasing, let her achieve you.

If she sends you 4 messages then you reply only once and if she talks about past then simply send a question mark. This will piss her off then send a very strong signal that you can live without her and you have your own life and she can't affect you.

Give her fear of losing you by not contacting her and disappearing from her life.

After a few weeks, you will see that she is crazy for you and want you back and remember you have to be a person who is not available all the time. You should have your own work, friends, and the things which you enjoy.

You must be thinking that after doing this your girlfriend will forget you and find a new partner then I guarantee you that she will never forget you.

No contact rule always works and you should give it a try.

In this period when you are not contacting her in any way and not seeing her, you should work on yourself and treat yourself with good things. Take care of your grooming and style be a stylish man, hang out with your friends and explore new things and always keep yourself busy just to avoid any un-necessary thoughts which may come during this period and it's normal. I know this no contact rule is tough but remember, this is the only way of getting her back. Just be strong and trust the no contact rule. You can search on youtube "No contact rule" and you will find much detailed information about this.

Stay strong and happy my friend



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  3. Aapki Ex ka photo hain kya upar wala. Mujhe aap se jyada questions puchne hain kaha likhu. @prabesharjel Mera har account ka user name hain aur email yehi account hain.