Friday, 9 November 2018

Why there should be more Harry Potter Movies in near future. Fans are waiting for more magic and mysterious with their favorite wizard

We all love Harry Potter movies from first one to the latest or the most recent one with all the magic and a completely different magical world of wizards. J.K Rowling have written a series of novels and these movies are based on these novels so there can be more novels and movies. First movies was released in 2001 starring a small boy whose parents died and left him alone with his uncle and aunty. Then later on he realized that he belongs to a different world where everything is possible and poeple possess special powers of magic.

In my personal opinion no other hollywood movie (related to wizards and magic) have gained success like harry potter and i would say this series rules an era of kids movies.

One more thing I would like to highlight here is the fact that Harry Potter movies can be seen with entire family and it does not have any adult scene which is very rare for any hollywood movie be it sci-fi or family drama.

There are already many parts of this movie and fans are still waiting for the next one, although there is no official statement of it but still fans are waiting for a new harry potter movie. Kids have grown up watching this series and most of them are now grown up and their childhood is officially over, but the kid inside them is waiting for those memories. In the last part of the movie we have seen kids of these wizards going to the same school of Hogwarts so there are possibilities that the movie will continue and this time story will revolve around these new cute little wizards.

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