Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Whatsapp Group Admin Registration is required to run a whatsapp group in INDIA ? | Things you should know

Whatsapp is a great tool for communication and for sharing your life with your family, friends and loved ones, but it is also a great tool for those people who are into spreading fake news and political agendas. These people not only spread hatred towards particular group of people but they also use this platform for their malicious intentions.

In india we have few places where these fake news and messages can really affect our whole country and well being of the people who are living in such places. Jammu & Kashmir is one of them.
Jammu & Kashmir is a heaven of the earth, No doubt about it. But few antinational people there are making this place hell and that too with modern internet tools like whatsapp and facebook and as a result internet censorship and banning of social media apps are very common. People are not getting constant internet connection for their needs just to educate children or to connect with the world. 

There are few more places like Bhind and Lucknow which is facing the same problem and government enforced several guidelines for whatsapp groups and admins in these places as well. Any journalist who is living or reporting from Bhind (MP), Lucknow (U.P) and Kishtwar (J&K) would have to register their whatsapp group to the local authorities or state information department in order to stay away from any actions against him from government and police. Government can't track your messages and groups for obvious reasons and whatsapp use encryption technique which makes this application personal and secure. No one can track your messages except the person who is sending it or the person who is going to get it. 

Common people are not required to register their whatsapp groups and they can use whastapp groups without any restrictions from the government but it's our moral responsibility to maintain and look after our groups and what is going inside it. 


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