Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Mark Zuckerberg Blaming YouTube for massive security breach on Facebook.

Recently we have witnessed a massive hacking attack on social media giant facebook where accounts of 50 million people were compromised and their data has been leaked. Later on, a hacker from China claimed to be able to hack facebook pages easily with a bug found in Facebook's view as a feature.

Facebook is not having a good time and we are pretty sure Facebook will count 2018 as a dark year in their history where all the bad things are happening to them from Cambridge anlaytica to this massive attack where a big number of people are affected. Now we are getting new from Facebook that they are using your phone number to show targetted ads to your Facebook friends which are not good in my opinion. Legally this might look okay but ethically it's not. You can't do anything about this because maybe facebook have already mentioned this is their agreement when you first sign up to their website, and we all know we just agree to it without reading it fully and trust me nobody wants to read that shitty long book. 

Now Facebook is blaming Facebook for this attack because youtube is hosting some black hat hacking videos on their platform which taught people how to hack facebook easily and harvest people's data. according to Facebook, this hacking attack was inspired by some youtube video where a hacker was teaching a complete method of hacking facebook. 

Now Youtube will surely take some actions against it to delete such videos from their platform but one this is sure that we people don't trust Facebook for out privacy and data after so many hacking attacks and data theft.