Wednesday, 19 September 2018

New latest Topics and Facts On Technology | Things You Don't Know About Tech

 Candy Crush has more active users than the entire population of Canada. Can you imagine this? People were so crazy about this game that even while eating their food they used to play it.

There are more than 30 million dead users on Facebook. As we know human beings die and their Facebook account remains active and therefore there are so many dead users on Facebook.

Google once hired a camel to make a street view in a desert. As we know deserts don't have proper roads or ways so the best way is to follow the camels and that's exactly Google did.

Did you know android devices are used by NASA in their floating space robots? These are nexus devices with android gingerbread operating system in it. So feel proud of your Android phone.

The US president is the most powerful man of the world and also uses the most secure phone in the world. Which does not have a front camera even things like playing music or texting is impossible and the phone is encrypted one too.