Tuesday, 4 September 2018

How to know if the news on the internet is fake or real | Things you should always keep in mind

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I hope you all are doing great. In this post, I am going to cover a few important points related to fake news and which is a very important topic nowadays among Indian media and social media users. Fake news and posts related to hatred and violence is not a new thing and it can cause serious damage to the society and youth of the nation hence it should be handled with higher priorities.

We have seen random people sharing very disturbing and nonsense posts in different groups on WhatsApp which clearly have one intention and that is spreading false news and hatred against a single political party or religion and that may result in serious happenings like killings, mob lynchings and what not.

Think before you share

I have personally received these messages with fake news like India is having a shortage of salt and from tomorrow the price of table salt will rise and touch around 1000 Indian rupees per kilogram. Seriously? Like common thing like salt which hardly cost you 15 to 20 rs will rise up to 1000 rs?

Of course not, but many people believed this fake news and rushed to their nearest shop to stack up packets of salt for future use. Why these things happen?

This happened because we all are facing sudden changes in our system like our prime minister introduced new notes and demonetized old notes in a matter of seconds which leads people to think that anything can happen in a matter of seconds be it price hike of salt or demonetization of coins.

Because people do not do their research before coming to a conclusion and they believe everything they read on the internet. Trust me anyone can write a blog on the internet, a person with no knowledge of medical science can write articles on medicines and his personal experience and I personally think he has right to do so but again you should not follow him blindly and you should always think logically before believing anything.

How to know if a news in fake or genuine?

Well are several ways of determining if a news is fake or not, Just google it and read few trusted news websites and if the news is related to any medical condition or science then read research papers and experiments related to it which will give you a clear picture of the whole scenario.

If the news is related to a community or a political party then take your time and analyze, maybe people supporting a particular party or different ideology are intentionally sharing those things to put down their opposition party or maybe some ant-social groups are running their campaigns.


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