Thursday, 13 September 2018

3 New iPhones Launched !! | Cheapest one is still expensive for Indian smartphone market

Apple has announced three brand new iPhones in a recent launch event with different price segments and as we are getting leaks and rumours of affordable iPhone from the last few months finally that moment has come and to be honest I am little disappointed right now. We will talk about the money later on in this post but first lets' talk about these phones. The first one is iPhone Xs which is the successor of iPhone X, the Second one is iPhone X Max which is basically a larger screen phone and can be used as a Tablet, the Last one is iPhone XR which is basically an affordable iPhone from Apple (Well at least Apple is saying so)

I am not going to reveal or talk about their components and new processors in detail but a quick review is something I should do. Very soon you will see IOS 12 which will come preloaded on these new devices with a new A12 Bionic processor with all necessary features that you saw in iPhone X.

The main highlight of this event was the new affordable iPhone for the budget segment but unfortunately, it was a joke especially for the smartphone market in India. Cheapest among these models will cost you around 76,000 Indian Rupees which is very expensive and one can get a decent smartphone in half of this price but if someone is willing to spend the double amount for that shinning apple logo on your smartphone's back then you don't have any other option left. Apple has slashed the prices of older iPhones models after announcing these new models but there are no big changes in terms of the affordability of these phones. The best option for you is getting a refurbished iPhone 6s or iPhone 7 at a very good price if you are a budget-oriented customer. I hope this post helped you to get a better understanding of the new iPhone announcement. Keep sharing these articles and stay connected with me.

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