Saturday, 18 August 2018

How to play Fortnite On Your Android Smartphone | Risk of Getting Virus ?

Fortnite game is finally available on selected Android smartphones and you can play this battle royal game but there are certain things which you need to understand before hoping into this game. This game is not available on Google Play store and you have to download this game from their official website where they will ask your email id and other information and basically this game is available on invite basis, but don't worry they will not let you wait for long. 

Then you will receive an email with a link to the apk game file, just download it and install in your phone. Simple ? No.

As this game is not tested by any third party company or software, there is a huge risk in playing this game by downloading apk from external source which might leave your phone vulnerable and in my opinion you should play this game when you don't have anything to loose like your secondary phone or so. 

If you have a good desktop computer or laptop with decent graphics card then consider playing this game there as you ca get much better gaming experience like that.

This post is just a small advice from my side and you are free to do anything with your phone. I understand they will not deceive you but they might use your email id and other information for future advertisement (maybe they have mentioned that in their agreement and we generally don't read that) But I am not sure.

These tips and advice is applicable for all android games so please think twice before providing your information online or downloading softwares and apps from external sources.


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