Monday, 22 July 2019

July 22, 2019

PUBG PC Lite Character Flying ? Cheat Code Bug or Mode | Explained

Hello Friends
In this post, I will talk about a new glitch of Pubg pc lite which is becoming very popular these days due to its unique abilities and funny visuals. Recently I was playing pubg pc lite on my computer and my internet connection was no that good at that time and all of a sudden my character started flying above the ground without moving his legs. It was really funny to watch this thing but then I got curious to find out the exact reason behind that. 

You can clearly see on the above image, my character is not moving his legs and still walking easily. After searching a lot on the internet and talking to pro gamers I come to a conclusion that this problem is occurring due to low internet connection and not so good ping. The system is not able to show the full movement as the connection is not sending enough data to the server and we know this is an online game and fully dependent on pubg's server. Hence if you think this is a cheat or any kind of mode then you are wrong my friend. 

Pubg Pc Lite is still in a beta stage that means it is completely normal to see this type of flaw or glitches in the game. Let me know your thoughts about this issue in the comment section.

Tuesday, 9 July 2019

July 09, 2019

Why you should make a Gaming Page on Facebook in 2019

Professional gaming is becoming the next big thing in Indian media after the PUBG becomes popular among teenagers. We have seen new gaming stars in India and now doubt pubg has given so many big names to the gaming industry than any other game in the past. In this post,  will be going deep into social media to find out some surefire ways to grow as a game streamer or professional gamer where you can actually earn money while playing your favorite video game live. 

YouTube gaming is a perfect platform for anyone who is looking to start their gaming career but the problem here is the number of gamers trying to be successful on this platform. No doubt saturation is very high on YouTube and it is very difficult to earn a proper recognition on this platform so the solution is to start with a different platform where there are not very many people doing the same thing that you are going to do.

Facebook Gaming!
Yes, you heard right.
Facebook is trying to provide a perfect platform for content creators. They have introduced monetization program for content creators where you can actually apply for monetization on facebook like you do on YouTube but the concept is slightly different and you have to have a decent number of followers in order to make some money with it.

They have everything you need to start a gaming page and the best part is that your content will be shared more in comparison to YouTube. Facebook is a social networking website where people share content more often than any other platform on the internet. YouTube does not have this thing and people don’t like sharing YouTube videos that much.

You must have seen video game tournaments for the first time in India which is a very good sigh for gamers and their future. The gaming industry has very good potential and you can make a successful career in it. 

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

June 11, 2019

4 Useless Tech Inventions that I hate the most. Stop using them right now

Technology makes our work easier and fun but some technologies are created with almost no practical usage and they should not be considered as useful at all. In this post, I am going to highlight 4 technology inventions that are completely useless or have very less usage.

1. Nokia 2 Smartphone

Launched in late 2017 with a price tag of 7000 rs. featuring some very outstanding (just kidding) features like 1 Gb ram and 8 Gb storage for storing your lovely photos and videos. This smartphone comes with an 8 megapixels rear camera. Just imagine, 1 Gb ram in today's era? even an old Samsung galaxy s4 will perform better than this phone, in fact, I have not seen any phone with these specs after 2014. I don't know what Nokia is thinking while making these phones in today's market where people can get amazing phones with this price. Nokia is like an elderly person who had his era and ruled the world once but his time has come.

2. Pop-Up Ads

Pop-up ads are very annoying and useless which makes your web surfing very irritating. Even the person who created this form of advertisement has apologized in public for his sin. So in my opinion, pop-up ads are useless and annoying in nature.

3.  Automatic Hand Dryers

I have never seen such a useless product in my life. A small ac like product which blows air where you can dry your hands after washing. Like seriously? why would anyone spend around 33k Indian rupees for this blower? I think this product is made for extraordinary products who do not value money or they are lots of money kept in their account and they are so dumb that they don't know how to spend it wisely. All it takes is a good towel or paper napkin :)

4. Protective covers for Nokia 3310

You must have known the legacy of this device. The Nokia 3310 is the strongest and most durable phone ever made in the history of mobile phones. You can drop it from anywhere and it will survive for sure. The build quality and everything is so strong that you can use this phone for breaking walnuts easily. Even this phone once had protective covers, Yes you heard it right. Some extraordinary people have manufactured protective covers for this phone. I mean it is completely useless. They must have some serious problems in their head or they underestimated the power of this epic device. So this is my list of most useless tech items or inventions of all time. I hope you enjoyed this article, Please share this with your friends and family. I will see you again.

Friday, 12 April 2019

April 12, 2019

Did you know the risks of downloading pirated videos games from the internet

We all have played videos games at some point of our lives, from mobile games to tv games and other high end products like playstation and xbox, very few people actually buy original copies of video games in india and they mostly download games from any free download websites which provide illegal copies.

By downloading these illegal cracked and pirated games, you are taking risk. Yes, real risk which may lead to crashing of your computer or getting infected with viruses and spywares. In 2013 AVG found that 90% of pirated games are infected with malwares and let me tell you 90% is a huge number.

There are so many other things involved with pirated stuff on the internet and none of them is good for you in long term or to your privacy. Cyber criminals and other dark minded people intentionally crack these games and infect them with spywares and other malwares for their benefits so that they ca use your data and computer for their work, botnet is a perfect example of this which is basically using someone's computer for attacking and getting your work done. They use your computer as a zombie or even worse they take your computer's processing power for illegal bitcoin mining.

When you download pirated video games or even freeware, you get unnecessary toolbars and other unwanted software bundled which consume you resources and take up that free ram on your computer which leads to unstable computer and frequent software crashes.

Older games with low level protection for piracy can be cracked but new games like PUBG cannot be cracked easily as its an online game and you cannot play it with a illegal copy. If you try to crack these games then there are huge chances that the game company will ban you and put you in legal trouble.

Last but not the least, you game actually might not work completely or partially. I had very bad experiences with pirated games as they tend to crash on particular mission which is very bad and heartbreaking. So I recommend you to buy an original copy of a game and have fun. You can get cheap games from steam and they work flawless without any problem. 

Monday, 11 March 2019

March 11, 2019

How to live stream PUBG Mobile with facecam on YouTube with your android smartphone

Hello Readers
In this post, I will be teaching you guys how you can live stream your pubg mobile gameplay on youtube with your voice and face cam as well. majority of people don't know that they can start thier gaming channel with just a smartphone without any fancy or high-end pc.

All you need is an application called AZscreen Recorder and a decent internet connection.

Just download this application from the above link and follow these instructions.

Open pubg mobile and then minimize it so that you can start your livestream application 

Now open Az Screen recorder and select live stream option (you will see a small icon when you tap the az screen recorder bubble)

Name your live stream along with the description and hit start live stream option and then maximize your pubg mobile game.

You are live with your pubg mobile (see the picture you can add your face cam by just tapping the live bubble and selection webcam option)

I hope this small post will help you to start your own gaming channel with your android smartphone. You can stream any game with this application.

Share this post with your friends and I will see you in a new post.