Tuesday, 3 December 2019

December 03, 2019

Best and fastest way fo making money online in 2019 Earn your pocket money in India

Hello Readers
In this post, I will talk about making money online and trust me you can start it from today. Hi this is Abhishek Sagar from Technical Sagar Youtube channel and I am working in this money-making scene for the past 13 years and I have personally tried everything from writing articles, freelancing, affiliate marketing, and almost everything.

Let's talk about those things here without wasting any further time.


Gaming nowadays is a brilliant way of making money without investing a large amount. If you have a decent computer and a good internet connection then you are good to go. Start with low-end retro games on youtube with funny or engaging jokes and commentary and within a few months, you will gain a decent amount of audience. Make sure you make or stream quality content which sets you apart from other creators. Add a different twist to your content and experiment.

You can try making virtual characters and mimic voices and then stream your games. (I have done this on my channel and people love it) I started with the call of duty where there was an imaginary character Lallan who is trying to attack me throughout the game so whenever I see any enemy I shout "There you have Lallan's goons :D

You can literally make any kind of the story of yours inside the game and make your streams interesting. Gaming is a full-fledged career these days and you can make a decent amount of money from it. Gaming is good if you are already a gamer and can stream and play for hours otherwise you won't survive here so it's better not to try this if you are a noob gamer or have zero mimicry or comedy skills. You can become a pro gamer (obviously that will take a few months to years) and participate in e-sports and get sponsorships from brands like PUBG.

Free Lancing - A new approach

While writing this paragraph I am remembering my old days when I use to work as a freelancer and my daily job was to find work and not actually complete anything. I was really struggling to get any work online. I tried everything from joining freelancing facebook groups to separate websites to get freelancing works but those places were filled with unemployed people like me with better knowledge and skills than me plus they were investing to make their ads attracting and premium on freelancing websites. So that was my story when I know nothing about freelancing and how I am gonna get some work. 

Try to make your own separate website and provide free services to people who will publish your name there and try to give your best. Like there are always some people who want to get their work done but without giving you a single penny, but they are okay with putting your name on your work be it website, logo or any business card. 

Show your work on a public platform like youtube and learn about SEO and keywords, in general, try to taop popular keywords on youtube and rank your videos well. Youtube is a perfect platform if you really wanna get some serious work and no doubt YouTube is the second biggest search engine on the planet after Google. Make videos of your niche, If you are a graphics designer then showcase your work on youtube and contact YouTubers and offer them free services in return of your name in the description section of their videos. After doing this you will get a decent amount of audience and maybe you will start making money from your youtube channel as well. 



YouTube is a very good platform if you wanna make some serious money and influence. I admit now it's slightly difficult to make instant money on YouTube (It was a lot easier in old days to make money when there were no criteria of monetization) But still you can start your YouTube channel and showcase your talent if you have any and in my opinion everybody in this world is born with a talent that can be used to make youtube videos. You can start with vlogs, skits, voice and gameplays, reaction videos and so on. The possibilities are endless with YouTube.

Monday, 22 July 2019

July 22, 2019

PUBG PC Lite Character Flying ? Cheat Code Bug or Mode | Explained

Hello Friends
In this post, I will talk about a new glitch of Pubg pc lite which is becoming very popular these days due to its unique abilities and funny visuals. Recently I was playing pubg pc lite on my computer and my internet connection was no that good at that time and all of a sudden my character started flying above the ground without moving his legs. It was really funny to watch this thing but then I got curious to find out the exact reason behind that. 

You can clearly see on the above image, my character is not moving his legs and still walking easily. After searching a lot on the internet and talking to pro gamers I come to a conclusion that this problem is occurring due to low internet connection and not so good ping. The system is not able to show the full movement as the connection is not sending enough data to the server and we know this is an online game and fully dependent on pubg's server. Hence if you think this is a cheat or any kind of mode then you are wrong my friend. 

Pubg Pc Lite is still in a beta stage that means it is completely normal to see this type of flaw or glitches in the game. Let me know your thoughts about this issue in the comment section.

Tuesday, 9 July 2019

July 09, 2019

Why you should make a Gaming Page on Facebook in 2019

Professional gaming is becoming the next big thing in Indian media after the PUBG becomes popular among teenagers. We have seen new gaming stars in India and now doubt pubg has given so many big names to the gaming industry than any other game in the past. In this post,  will be going deep into social media to find out some surefire ways to grow as a game streamer or professional gamer where you can actually earn money while playing your favorite video game live. 

YouTube gaming is a perfect platform for anyone who is looking to start their gaming career but the problem here is the number of gamers trying to be successful on this platform. No doubt saturation is very high on YouTube and it is very difficult to earn a proper recognition on this platform so the solution is to start with a different platform where there are not very many people doing the same thing that you are going to do.

Facebook Gaming!
Yes, you heard right.
Facebook is trying to provide a perfect platform for content creators. They have introduced monetization program for content creators where you can actually apply for monetization on facebook like you do on YouTube but the concept is slightly different and you have to have a decent number of followers in order to make some money with it.

They have everything you need to start a gaming page and the best part is that your content will be shared more in comparison to YouTube. Facebook is a social networking website where people share content more often than any other platform on the internet. YouTube does not have this thing and people don’t like sharing YouTube videos that much.

You must have seen video game tournaments for the first time in India which is a very good sigh for gamers and their future. The gaming industry has very good potential and you can make a successful career in it. 

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

June 11, 2019

4 Useless Tech Inventions that I hate the most. Stop using them right now

Technology makes our work easier and fun but some technologies are created with almost no practical usage and they should not be considered as useful at all. In this post, I am going to highlight 4 technology inventions that are completely useless or have very less usage.

1. Nokia 2 Smartphone

Launched in late 2017 with a price tag of 7000 rs. featuring some very outstanding (just kidding) features like 1 Gb ram and 8 Gb storage for storing your lovely photos and videos. This smartphone comes with an 8 megapixels rear camera. Just imagine, 1 Gb ram in today's era? even an old Samsung galaxy s4 will perform better than this phone, in fact, I have not seen any phone with these specs after 2014. I don't know what Nokia is thinking while making these phones in today's market where people can get amazing phones with this price. Nokia is like an elderly person who had his era and ruled the world once but his time has come.

2. Pop-Up Ads

Pop-up ads are very annoying and useless which makes your web surfing very irritating. Even the person who created this form of advertisement has apologized in public for his sin. So in my opinion, pop-up ads are useless and annoying in nature.

3.  Automatic Hand Dryers

I have never seen such a useless product in my life. A small ac like product which blows air where you can dry your hands after washing. Like seriously? why would anyone spend around 33k Indian rupees for this blower? I think this product is made for extraordinary products who do not value money or they are lots of money kept in their account and they are so dumb that they don't know how to spend it wisely. All it takes is a good towel or paper napkin :)

4. Protective covers for Nokia 3310

You must have known the legacy of this device. The Nokia 3310 is the strongest and most durable phone ever made in the history of mobile phones. You can drop it from anywhere and it will survive for sure. The build quality and everything is so strong that you can use this phone for breaking walnuts easily. Even this phone once had protective covers, Yes you heard it right. Some extraordinary people have manufactured protective covers for this phone. I mean it is completely useless. They must have some serious problems in their head or they underestimated the power of this epic device. So this is my list of most useless tech items or inventions of all time. I hope you enjoyed this article, Please share this with your friends and family. I will see you again.